Customer Experience
Research, Strategy, Design and Management Consulting

  • Customer Empathy is a powerful human resource that creates more meaningful customer connection, aligns and unites teams and enriches problem solving and decision making. Empathy enables leaders and employees to see the customer’s world differently; putting their customers’ needs at the centre of their organisation’s thinking, problem solving and decision making.

    Utilising customer-centric frameworks and tools, we switch on and scale customer empathy. Taking a deep dive into your customers’ world, through active listening, feeling what it’s like to be a customer, understanding their points of view and sharing their stories.

  • From your customers’ perspective we gain meaningful connection; deeply understanding their truths, the problems they’re trying solve, the painful moments and interaction gaps across their journeys and the unrealised opportunities to make a real difference in their experiences.

    Unlike other approaches, our method humanises customer experience management and design practices; delivering rich, evidence-based customer insights, creating more meaningful customer understanding for executives and employees alike, aligning and uniting cross-functional teams and enriching problem solving and decision making to benefit customers, employees and the business.

Our signature customer-centric method is being utilised by organisational leaders in the healthcare, insurance, technology, tourism, retail and non-profit sectors to make a difference in their customers’ lives, enhancing employee experience and driving business performance.

Helping to create new ways of working – with customer needs at the centre of problem solving and decision making.

Together we connect, unite and align cross-functional teams through clarity, communication and collaboration.

Working together with leaders and employee teams to build CX skills and capabilities.

Deep customer journey understanding using contextual enquiry research; how customers think, feel and experience.

Identifying and understanding customer needs, expectations, pains, service gaps, customer experience insights and opportunities.

Scaling CX understanding across the business using empathy mapping, customer storytelling, customer journey and service blueprint frameworks.

Defining the customer vision and experience principles to inspire, unite and guide organisational behaviour.

Establishing cross-functional CX working groups to collaboratively work with the customer at the centre of thinking and decision making.

Developing the customer experience strategy and business case to prioritise resources and organisational effort.

Co-creating, designing and prototyping workshops that solve customer and business problems.

Building customer-centric skills and capabilities to future proof the business.

Alex Allwood, Founder and Principal Consultant

When we work with clients, typically, we’re helping them to solve problems such as: low understanding of their customers’ needs, pains and expectations; they don’t have a CX strategy to effectively drive change; their CX program has stalled from competing priorities; they are struggling to align cross-functional teams; or they have a lack of customer insights for evidence based problem solving.

Mostly, these challenges result from ‘average to weak performance’ across 3 or more ‘drivers of customer centricity.’ These challenges are impacting their opportunity to deliver CX excellence, decrease their customer churn and drive future business growth.

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