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Alex Allwood, Founder and Principal Consultant

When we work with clients, typically, we’re helping them to solve problems such as: low understanding of their customers’ needs, pains and expectations; they don’t have a CX strategy to effectively drive change; their CX program has stalled from competing priorities; they are struggling to align cross-functional teams; or they have a lack of customer insights for evidence based problem solving.

Mostly, these challenges result from ‘average to weak performance’ across 3 or more ‘drivers of customer centricity.’ These challenges are impacting their opportunity to deliver CX excellence, decrease their customer churn and drive future business growth.

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Empowering leaders to connect customer and culture

Customer empathy is a powerful human resource that positively impacts customer experience excellence. Empathy enables leaders and employees to see the customer’s world differently; putting customers’ needs at the centre of their thinking, problem solving and decision making.


Customer empathy is our signature customer experience management and design method that connects customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth.

Our method uses customer-centric frameworks and tools to deeply understand your customers’ truths, the painful moments and interaction gaps across their journeys and the unrealised opportunities for signature experiences.

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