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Our purpose is connecting customer and culture to create experiences that enhance value and distinctively differentiate.

Our Story

When your company provides a great customer experience, this not only impacts your customers’ current and future purchasing; it also positively influences the purchasing decisions of their family and friends.

Our work focuses on customer and culture; empowering people in your business to all work together, for the good of customers, to improve experiences and to foster loyal advocates.

Our approach combines customer insight, strategy and co-creation. Using contextual enquiry we help clients understand customers’ unmet needs, interaction problems and the jobs to be done and why.

This approach enables people across your business to put the customer at the centre of their decision-making, to create real customer value and and differentiated customer experiences.

The value of our evidence-based approach helps senior leaders translate their growth goals into actions. Actions that have company-wide buy-in, are understood and enable a commitment to all work together.

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Alex Allwood is a consultant, author and speaker on customer experience – Alex’s passion is connecting customer and culture to empower customer-centric growth.

With over 20 years’ experience in customer-led growth, her expertise stretches across B2B & B2C and includes work in the finance, professional services, retail, health, communications and not-for-profit sectors.

Alex’s consulting work, writing and professional speaking is designed to foster a culture of customer centricity, build team capability and help transform customer experiences.

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