Connect, Unite and Align to
Empower Customer-Centric Growth™

About All Work Together

All Work Together is a business consultancy specialising in customer experience (CX) research, strategy, design and training.

Our method is recognised for connecting customer and culture;
helping organisations put customer needs at the centre of
their leadership, strategy and operations.

~ Customer in-depths and contextual enquiry
~ Stakeholder in-depth interviews
~ Customer journey analysis and insights
~ Segmentation and persona profiles
~ Customer emotion mapping
~ Customer journey mapping and service blueprinting
~ Future state journey mapping
~ CX insights & opportunities

~ CX vision and guiding principles
~ CX goals aligned with business goals
~ CX road map for work prioritisation
~ CX governance
~ VOC metrics
~ Customer value propositions
~ CX communications program

~ Ideation workshops
~ Co-creation workshops
~ CX prototyping workshops

~ Executive and employee training and development
~ Online self-paced-learning via mobile app or desktop
~ Team workshops
~ Signature Learn-by-Doing method
~ Social learning & collaboration

Helping leaders to connect, unite and align to empower
customer-centric growth.

“The program fantastic at connecting customer journey insights to our culture development, demonstrating how we can operate as one team to be a truly customer-centric organisation.” Chief Experience Officer, Australia’s fastest growing tourism group

“The program created lots of ripples that have created waves of transformation. Deep understanding coupled with rich insight that we could operationalise.” Chief Customer Officer, global SAAS provider

“Their approach to solving customer experience problems is understanding exactly what the customer problems are. Alex’s emphasis on solving customers’ problems is obviously a huge benefit and aids in long term, sustainable growth.” Chief Marketing Officer, Australia’s largest real estate group

Alex Allwood, Director Customer Strategy and Experience

I am the founder and Director, Customer Strategy and Experience. I utilise customer empathy in my CX research, strategy and design practice to help our clients put customer needs at the centre of their thinking, problem solving and decision making to make a difference in customers’ lives.

With a 20+ year track record in leadership, marketing and operations, my CX expertise is developing customer experience strategy: customer listening and storytelling, journey and service blueprint management frameworks, customer insight synthesis and future state opportunities, customer vision and experience principles, cross-functional governance and working groups, customer experience goals and prioritisation of resources and CX training and development.

In addition to my work, I’ve authored two books, my latest, Customer Empathy: A radical intervention in customer experience management and design. I facilitate customer experience training workshops and regularly speak and write on customer-centric transformation.

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