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Our purpose is connecting customer and culture to create experiences that enhance customer value and drive growth.

Our Story

Our consulting work focuses on connecting customer and culture; empowering people in your business to all work together, for the good of customers, to improve experiences and to deliver positive business performance.

Our approach combines customer insight, strategy and co-creation. Using management frameworks, tools and customer-centric practices we help our clients put their customer need at the centre of their problem solving and decision making.

Our customer-centric focus helps senior leaders translate their customer goals into actions. Actions that have company-wide buy-in, are understood and enable a commitment to all work together to improve experiences.

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Principal Consultant, Customer Experience Strategy

My passion is connecting customer and culture–empowering people to work together with the customer at the centre of their decision making to enhance customer value and drive business growth.

I have spent the majority of my career working with clients in the health care, financial services, mining, information technology, retail and not-for-profit sectors. My work is growth orientated; helping clients to redefine and communicate their customer value in the face of challenging market dynamics.

With a solid track record in leadership, marketing and operations, my strength is developing customer experience strategy: management frameworks, defining the customer vision and guiding experience principles, insight synthesis to identify future state opportunities, customer experience goals and prioritisation of resources and crafting the customer narrative to promote cross-functional collaboration and alignment.

In addition to my work, I authored the book Customer Experience is the Brand. I facilitate customer experience training workshops and regularly speak and write on customer-centric transformation..

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