Customer Experience News 212: Customer Journey Mapping Goes Deep, Data Visualisation and The Master Departs

Customer Journey Mapping: Going Deep (3-4min)
In Alex’s first opinion piece for 2021 she takes a deep-dive into customer journey mapping. Alex argues that even with the availability of sophisticated tech and tools, many CX leaders lack deep understanding of their customers’ lives. Changing this status quo is the rediscovery of customer journey mapping using qualitative research, analysis and visualisation to make sense of customer experiences that are becoming increasingly more complex.

What Does Data Look Like? (4-5min)
Atlassian’s Joyce Lee explains data visualisation and in doing so, breaks down long-held assumptions about data types and uses. With a customer data lens Lee says, ”Companies also risk missing important phenomena when we disregard data that doesn’t come from or fit into numeric models.” Lots of excellent sources referenced and of course data visualisation is used to ensure this post is readable and enjoyable.

Please Don’t Go! (2-3min)
We’ve admitted previously in The Quickbite to a giant CX crush on Jeff Bezos so the news of his departure from Amazon was an ‘eating a tub of ice-cream session’ to get over the shock! In a wrap up of what has made Amazon a phenomenal 21st Century success, i.e. an unwavering focus on customer, Mark Ritson for Marketing Week discusses “Bezos the disruptor. Bezos the innovator. Bezos the magnate.” A must read for the customer obsessed.

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