Customer Experience News 149: Gartner VP Interview, Personas, Customer Insights and Adobe Experience Index

Gartner VP Ups the Ante (2-3min)
In this wide-ranging CMO interview, Gartner VP and leading analyst Don Scheibenreif discusses current perceptions of customer experience, the stumbling blocks to CX maturity and the need for C-Suite leaders to approach CX as a discipline.     
The Power of Personas (1-2min) CEO Dave West argues customer personas are the best way to keep your customer front and centre when attempting to solve complex problems for product owners and explains how personas can help connect abstract product development work to real human beings.  
How to Create a Customer Insight Machine (1-2min)
Using real life examples, the author explains his framework for the creation of an ‘insight-driven organization’ – where employees can become internal market researchers generating a cost effective and continuous flow of qualitative customer insights.     
In the News – Adobe CX Report (1min)
Released only yesterday, the Adobe Experience Index reveals some interesting stats on the experience expectations of AU and NZ consumers – B&T shares the key takeouts.

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