Customer Experience News 150: Experience Economy Update, Decoding Customer Emotion, Forrester CX Index & CX Best Practice

Joe Pine’s Experience Economy Update (2-3min)
Joe Pine and James Gilmore famously coined the phrase ‘the experience economy’ over 20 years ago. In this interview, Joe Pine shares his thoughts on the current state of the experience economy and where he sees the opportunities for businesses to grow with customer experience into the future.     
Decoding Online Customer Emotion (2-3min)
Semiotics, the study of signs and symbols, their use and interpretation has been a feature of the brand marketing landscape for many years. This article makes an interesting case for utilising semiotics to help understand consumers and their emotional signals online.  
Forrester 2019 US Customer Experience Index (1-2min)
With this year’s CX Index showing surprisingly small gains in the overall quality of US customer experience, Forrester’s Research Director has some interesting observations to make about the performance of two big American brands that have been in the news recently.     
100 Tips from the Top (2-3min)
Something for everyone here as customer experience futurist Blake Morgan lists best practices from 100 customer-centric companies across ten industry segments including: Retail, Finance, Healthcare, B2B, Software, Hospitality, Insurance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Agriculture.

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