Customer Experience News 151: Co-Creation, Digital Service Experience, Amazon Innovation, CX Nightmare

5 Ways to Co-Create With Customers (1-2min)
Instead of seeing customers as simply the end users of a product or service, this article argues that organisations need to invite their customers to help co-create the experiences they want and suggests five ways to achieve better results from the process.     
Transforming the Digital Service Experience (1-2min)
In this CMO interview, Peter Buckmaster, head of digital experience design for the NSW Department of Education shares his experience of creating a customer-first approach to how students, parents and teachers engage with the Department through digital channels.  
Innovation Idea from Amazon (1min)
If you’re looking for ways to motivate, engage and empower employees and optimise your customer-centric innovation efforts, then Amazon executive John Rossman recommends creating a “future press release” to provide inspiration. 
Welcome to a Customer Experience Nightmare (1-2min)
We’ve all had the not-so-helpful help desk experience and as this customer writes of a recent ‘support’ chat it could either make you laugh or cry.

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