Customer Experience News 153: Implementing Agile, Walmart’s Integrated Experience, Customer Value & ‘Phygital’ CX

‘No Plan B’ An Agile Approach to Agile (4-5min)
How does a large, historically conservative corporation successfully implement an agile methodology? In this extended interview with McKinsey, three senior executives from New Zealand telco Spark, share their experience of implementing company-wide agile practices “for improved customer experiences, speed to market and to empower our people.”
Integrated Experience the Walmart Way (1-2min)
America’s largest retailer, Walmart, has long been a customer experience leader. CNBC reports on Chief Executive Doug McMillon’s latest moves to further the integration of stores and digital operations to deliver the ‘one, seamless Walmart experience’ his company’s customers want.  
Understanding Value for Customers (2-3min)
Businesses usually understand the ‘value of customers’ but very often fail to get the ‘value for customers’ right. Based on Forrester research, this article details three core misconceptions about the what, how and who of value that compromise a business’s ability to increase value for customers. 
In the News – Creating the ‘Phygital’ Experience (1min)
All the way from Sweden, this week’s In the News looks at an experiment called The Fitting Room that allowed footwear and apparel brands to combine the benefits of both the physical and online customer experience.

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