Customer Experience News 158: Empathy in Business, Lenovo Backs CX, Amazon Beware! & Crazy Customer Loyalty

Does Business Benefit from Customer Empathy? (2-3min)
New research from the University of Melbourne assesses the impact of empathy in business. Professor Liliana Bove shares some important insights into the benefits and limitations of empathy and answers the all important question – is empathy good for business?    
Lenovo Backs CX Over Price & Product (4min)
In this CMO interview, Lenovo’s head of customer experience Dilip Bhatia explains how the tech giant is utilising a strategy of ‘listening, learning and improving’ to become a more customer-centric company. As Bhatia says, “The market rewards those who do experience well, very handsomely.”  
Amazon Beware! (2min)
An interesting proposition in this article from Yahoo Finance. Reflecting on the recent stellar performance of two old school retailers, the author believes they are driving sales and profit growth by offering a seamless online and in-store shopping experience that should be making Amazon nervous.   
In the News – Crazy Customer Loyalty (3min)
You couldn’t make this up. A Melbourne cafe so good that two seriously satisfied, and it has to be said, crazily competitive customers have been busy running their own loyalty programs. A very funny exercise in creative one-upmanship and great PR for the cafe in question.

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