Customer Experience News 163: Top 50 CX Brands, NAB’s Customer Culture, Assessing CX Governance, What’s in a Name?

Top 50 CX Brands Revealed (2-3min)
The latest KPMG Customer Experience Excellence report ranks the top 50 CX brands in Australia, but warns that a siloed approach in many businesses is limiting the effectiveness of CX initiatives and compromising efforts to deliver customer experience excellence at scale.        
NAB Rebuilding Customer Culture (3min)
In this CMO interview, NAB’s head of marketing and customer experience, Suzana Ristevski, shares the bank’s strategy for building a more customer-centric culture in the wake of damaging revelations from the banking royal commission and how the marketing function is facilitating change.  
Assess Your CX Governance (3min)
If you want to know how effective your customer experience governance structure is at supporting CX teams in the work they do, here are the eight key questions about leadership, organisational alignment and employee engagement you should be asking.      
What’s in a Name? (1-2min)
‘Department of Customer Love’ anyone? Customer service and experience advocate Shep Hyken, (aka Chief Amazement Officer), riffs on the benefits to customers and employees of using creative and human-centric descriptors for job titles and departmental names.

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