Customer Experience News 164: Inspirational Journey Mapping, Amazon Empathy Training, Self-Service CX & Company Culture

How Your Journey Map Can Inspire Change (3min)
If your beautifully crafted customer journey map has so far failed to deliver the desired results, or if you’re about to embark on your first ever mapping project, this timely post on LinkedIn has some well thought out advice on how to design journeys that will inspire change.        
Empathy Training at Amazon (2-3min)
In what could well be a nod to famed gerontologist and industrial designer Patti Moore’s pioneering research into elder experiences, Amazon-owned PillPack has introduced ’empathy training’ for new employees. CNBC attended a training session to see how employees experience what it’s like to be a typical PillPack customer.        
Self-Service CX – Good or Bad? (2-3min)
The whole idea of self-service has moved a long way from petrol pumps and ATMs. CMO weighs up the pros and cons of self-service customer experience (facilitated by advances in automation technology and artificial intelligence) and questions whether this is good or bad for brands.
Survival in the Experience Economy (3min)
In today’s Experience Economy even new and innovative small and medium sized businesses are facing enormous competitive pressures. This article assesses the challenges and argues that transforming company culture is the key to future proofing your business.

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