Customer Experience News 166: Journey Mapping Do’s & Don’ts, Using Voice of Employee Insights & Improving Collaboration

Customer Empathy Deficit
Journey Mapping Do’s and Don’ts (3-4min)
Creating a customer journey map does not necessarily guarantee the success of your CX initiatives – what matters is the quality of the process. In this article from CustomerThink, ten CX experts share their tips on what to do and what not to do to improve the impact of journey mapping on your CX success.         
Using Voice of Employee to Improve CX & EX (2min)
Voice of employee insights are critical to the success of customer-centric transformation and a valuable tool for improving both customer and employee experiences. Here are the four best opportunities for using voice of employee to support your customer and employee experience goals.        
How to Improve and Sustain Collaboration (5min)
Collaboration is a key principle in customer-centric transformation, however, strategies for improving collaboration often fail to deliver the desired results. Harvard Business School professor, Francesca Gino, argues that collaboration is a skill that can be taught and through her research has identified six training techniques that will improve and sustain collaborative effort.

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