Customer Experience News 179: Managing Customer Panic, Nudge Theory in CX and Systems Design


How to Manage Customer Panic (2min)
In the current crisis, images of empty supermarket shelves, angry shoppers and early morning queues have dominated mainstream news and social media. This timely article from Forbes explains why customers panic and why businesses’ should respond with empathy and understanding to move the dial from panic to problem-solving.

Does Nudge Theory Work in CX? (3min)
‘Nudge Theory’ – the idea that small and subtle prompts can inspire positive behavioural change was first popularised by behavioural economist Richard Thaler. This editorial piece in mycustomer looks at the application of nudge theory in customer experience and provides real-life examples of how it can work in CX practice.

The Last Word – ‘Playful Unlearning’ (4-5min)
In this in-depth interview, Sita Magnuson, experience designer and co-founder of facilitation firm dpict, discusses the application of ‘playful unlearning’ in systems thinking and design, and how it can be used to help organisations achieve a better balance between sustainability, profit and core values.

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