Customer Experience News 180: Empathy on the Front Line, Leadership in an Uncertain Future and Empathy in Action


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Empathy on the Front Line (2-3min)
From USA Today, some inspirational examples of how individuals across the US are responding to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis, by providing compassion, kindness and empathy to help their communities survive the initial stages of the pandemic, limit suffering and protect the vulnerable.

Leadership in an Uncertain Future (3min)
A timely piece that looks to future and explains how ‘creative leaders’ can move their companies forward by turning anxiety-provoking conditions into opportunities. Using case studies the article demonstrates the three key tactics creative leaders use to leverage ambiguity and drive progress.

Empathy in Action (3min)
In this article for HBR, leadership coach and author Peter Bregman argues from personal experience, that empathy; the ability to listen and connect, to give and receive support, is not just a commitment to be talked about, but a practical skill to be learnt and applied.

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