Customer Experience News 186: CX Leads do DIY Listening, CX Strategy to Rebuild Customer Loyalty and Bupa Fast Tracks Experience Innovation

CX & Marketing Leads Do DIY Listening (3min)
For this week’s opinion piece, Alex Allwood reports on her own ‘listen and learn’ conversations with CX and Marketing leaders. Allwood explains how their Do-It-Themselves customer conversations are helping them to develop deeper understanding of their customers’ new world to re-shape their CX strategies.


Rebuilding Loyalty: What’s Your CX Strategy? (2min)
For many businesses, the month’s-long effort to ‘flatten the curve’ will have a significant impact on customer loyalty. This article looks at how businesses can understand and mitigate the customer impacts of COVID-19 and identify and capitalise on future opportunities.

Bupa Fast Tracks Experience Innovation (2min)
At a time when more and more customers are calling Bupa’s contact centres due to the temporary closure of the company’s bricks & mortar retail stores, Bupa has added WhatsApp messaging to its customer service channels – the first time in Asia-Pacific a diversion to WhatsApp via Interactive Voice Response (IVR) has been made available for public use.


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