Customer Experience News 190: Sainsbury’s CMO Promotion, Can the Experience Economy Make a Comeback and Making Remote Collaboration Work

In the News – Sainsbury’s Promotes CMO to Board (2min)
In the news this week, in ‘a strategic move designed to help the supermarket get closer to it’s customers’, the new CEO of Sainsbury’s Simon Roberts has appointed marketer Mark Given to the operating board to “… ensure that we really understand how customers are feeling, what they’re thinking and how this affects the way they shop.”

Can the Experience Economy Make a Comeback? (3min)
As restrictions on large-scale gatherings begin to ease, this New York Times article questions whether pent up demand or residual caution will determine the pace of recovery for those businesses most affected by the Coronavirus shut down. Industry insiders and experts such as Joe Pine have their say.

Making Remote Collaboration Work (2-3min)
As companies consider what adjustments to make to remote work practices, a key question will be, does a lack of proximity compromise collaboration and by extension creativity and innovation? Atlassian Work Futurist Dom Price argues that open communication, autonomy and trust are key to engaging employees and making them more effective regardless of where they’re located.

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