Customer Experience News 193: New Customer Needs = Growth Opportunities, Solving the Data Deficit Problem and Woolies Cops $1M Fine

New Customer Needs = Growth Opportunities (2-3min)
Alex Allwood explains why it is critical in the current environment for businesses to understand their customers’ new needs and experience expectations, in order to identify and capitalise on new opportunities for growth.

Retailers Facing a Data Deficit (2-3min)
This article from HBR focuses on an emerging issue for retailers (and other businesses), where significant changes in customer behaviour are making customer data and intelligence either scarce or unusable. The author goes on to share five ideas to help solve the information deficit problem.

In the News: Ouch! Woolies Cops a $1M Fine (1-2min)
A timely reminder as companies ramp up their digital communications and online capabilities that spamming customers is not just poor customer experience management but can also be damaging to your bottom line.

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