Customer Experience News 195: New Moves from the Pandemic Playbook, Transcending Transactional CX & AMEX Supercharges Survey Response Rates

New Moves from the Pandemic Playbook (4min)
This week we share Part Two of a new research study by customer experience consultancy All Work Together, which reveals how Marketing and CX leaders and their organisations are adapting their decision-making frameworks, rapidly innovating and prioritising responses to meet new customer and business challenges created by the pandemic.

Transcending Transactional CX (3min)
Whilst there’s no denying the downside to business of the current crisis, it does present a unique opportunity for brands to create positive memories, earn trust and develop even deeper customer relationships. This article shares the six ways organisations can build a more human-centric approach to CX that moves beyond the transactional and functional to create experiences that drive long-term, positive memories.

AMEX Supercharges Survey Response Rates (2min)
In this interview with Forrester, American Express VP customer listening, Luis Angel-Lalanne, reveals the changes Amex made that drove an improvemnt in survey response rates of 2.5 to 3x – and in some functions in certain countries up to 8x previous rates!

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