Customer Experience News 201: The Future of Customer Personalisation, Using Your CX Toolkit in Agile and Retail Nightmare Before Christmas

Facing the Future of Customer Personalisation (5min)
The promise of ‘customer journey orchestration’ is real-time, cross-channel engagement that delivers highly relevant experiences at optimal points in the path-to-purchase. Early adopter organisations are already exploring an approach that enables journey optimisation and leverages AI and machine learning to achieve CX goals efficiently. This article goes deep into the next stage of customer personalisation.

How to use a CX Toolkit in Agile (3min)
Agile is a powerful way of working and organsiations love the speed and efficiencies the method delivers. Head of Customer Experience for Freddie Mac, Bill Staikos, looks at Agile through a CX lens, exploring how Agile teams can use specific CX tools to supercharge experience design – even in a two-week sprint.

Nightmare Before Christmas (3min)
Gartner research shows 46% of consumers increased the frequency of online purchasing during the pandemic while at the same time, 63% decreased their frequency of shopping in bricks and mortar stores. Christmas 2020 will see increased competition in digital channels and challenging times for direct-to-consumer brands and smaller retailers that don’t have digital clout. This article from RetailDive talks to US retail leaders on their strategies for cutting through the Christmas clutter.

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