Customer Experience News 202: Innovation: What Next in CX?, Customer Experience: What’s Normal Anymore? and Technology: Human vs Machine

Innovation: Home Delivered Fuel – What Next? (3min)
HBR asks, how often are we really innovating to solve customer problems? For example, when the ‘job to be done’ by customers is refuelling their car, is the solution making the experience more pleasurable with a takeaway coffee or more convenient with a grocery offering? Is this really being customer-centric in innovation efforts? Take a deep-dive here into the 3 critical steps of  customer-centric innovation.

Customer Experience: What’s Normal Anymore? (2-3min)
CX leaders must rethink customer interactions. Customer behaviour has rapidly changed; we’re now wearing (and purchasing) less corporate apparel and opting instead for relaxed dressing – shirt on the top, trackie dacks on the bottom! This article featured in My Customer applies McKinsey and Company’s thinking on how to shape your customers’ new normal.

Technology: Human vs Machine (2min)
There are so many questions when it comes to AI (artificial intelligence) delivering customer experience. Primarily, when is it ok to trust the machine, and when do you need a human in the loop? A good read for reflecting on how to get the balance right in applying a machine/human CX solution.

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