Customer Experience News 204: Podcast: CX Strategy & Customer Empathy, Customer Advocacy: Who Do You Trust? & CX Management: Protecting CX Budgets

Podcast: CX Strategy & Customer Empathy (57min)
This week I talked with Head of Customer Experience at Freddie Mac, Bill Staikos, on his new-ish Podcast, Be Customer Led. We discussed CX strategy, governance, and the importance of elevating CX to the executive leadership team; why CX leaders and practitioners need empathy training, how to train for empathy at scale, the importance of customer journeys and embedding emotion to connect and align employee teams. As Bill says, “It’s a packed show full of Alex’s insights end-to-end!”.

Customer Advocacy: Who Do You Trust? (2-3min)
An interesting article from HBR discussing the increasing influence of AI recommendation in purchasing decisions. The article examines cases where such recommendations are helpful, and when they’re damaging. Research shows that this all depends on whether your customers see your offering as functional and practical or experiential and sensory.

CX Management: Protecting CX From Cutbacks (3min)
Here’s a goodie from CX stalwart Colin Shaw for MyCustomer. With the Covid-19 Crisis impacting revenues, organisations are looking to cut costs. CX Folk need to get on the front foot in round table discussions. This article lists the 5 key points that CX leaders need to be discussing. Sage advice from Shaw who says, “Just remember to consider the lifetime value of the customer when you manage customer experiences, so that you don’t drive the best ones away.”

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