Customer Experience News 209: Closing the In-Moment Feedback Gap, Bold Experience Management Moves for 2021 & Customer-Centric Transformation

5 Ways to Close the In-Moment Feedback Gap (3min)
Last week Alex posted this question on her LinkedIn profile, ‘When a customer makes a discrete complaint in an informal way, such as directly to a staff member, how does your organisation capture this type of feedback?’ Read the best of the CX community’s responses for closing the in-moment customer feedback gap.

CX Future – Bold Moves For 2021 (3min)
New year, new world, changing customer behaviours and organisations looking to reposition their brand offerings. This article, written by CX stalwart Bruce Temkin for the Qualtrics XM Institute, outlines seven future-facing experience management practices for 2021 – our favourite, ‘Flex your qualitative muscle by focusing on customer panels and customer journey mapping’.

CX Leadership – The Seeds of Change (3-4min)
If you’re looking for CX leadership inspiration, a ‘must read’ is CMO’s latest article on customer-centric transformation; “An organisation’s culture and structure must support the ideal level of customer dedication, focus and commitment.” An excellent case study on how to sow the seeds of change and cultivate a healthy customer culture.

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