Customer Experience News 211: Welcome Back!, Mission Possible, Confusing Employees with Customers & Brand Advertising; From Preservation to Perseverance

Welcome Back!
It’s our first edition for 2021 and whilst we continue with ‘business-un-usual’, it’s great to hear renewed energy and optimism in conversations with other CX folk. The new year brings a growing interest in the social platform Clubhouse and this week I listened with awe to Elon Musk discussing his life and loves. I’m also enjoying conversations with other CX practitioners from around the world, so please reach out and connect with me. In this week’s Quickbite I’ve chosen three themes: CX and mission-led culture, employee experience and marketing 2021. Happy reading!

Mission Possible (3-4min)
In my first book (2015), Customer Experience is the Brand, I wrote about purpose-led organisations with their newfound conviction to do the right thing for their customers, society and the planet. In his latest opinion piece, Nate Brown, CXO of Officium, discusses generation-Z’s increasing appetite for mission-led brands that live up to their promises and stated ideals, “This generation of customers has strong convictions and is willing to act on them.” Brown finishes by explaining how to practice mission-driven CX.

Are You Confusing Employees with Customers? (2-3min)
A controversial read that goes against popular opinion. Whilst not debunking the strategy of improving employee experience (EX) to improve customer experience, the author does raise the issue of confusing employees with customers. He argues the mission of CX management is ‘elevating the customer’s experience’, and whilst EX is a building block, our purpose must remain customer-first. A good conversation starter.

From Preservation to Perseverance (2-3min)
A poignant observation was made last year, that most brand advertising looked and sounded the same. This HBR article references the author’s research into consumer behaviour, cognitive bias and subconscious associations, and the role advertising needs to play in shifting consumer attitudes from preservation to perseverance – using Nike and Disney as examples. An interesting read.

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