Customer Experience News 213: Big Aussie Brands Choose Customer Centricity, Don’t Be Dazzled by the Dashboards and Is CX Worth It?

Big Aussie Brands Choose Customer Centricity (1+ min)
We couldn’t resist sharing this as our lead story this week. A new report shows that Qantas, Telstra and Westpac led with customer centricity in response to the C-19 Crisis. “Qantas made do with a smaller but more empathetic service team; Telstra bet on better employee experience to enhance service; and Westpac welcomed complaints as a way to improve its CX.” You’ll find a link to the full  report in the article.

Dazzled by the Dashboards (4-5min)
This article, written by conversation scientist Andrew Moorhouse for MyCustomer, takes a deep dive into call centre conversations and drivers of customer satisfaction. “Actually, what we have here, is a failure to correlate what is being measured with customer satisfaction, let alone the conversations that prevent repeat contact, (remember that 20% of all customers get back in touch within the hour). An eye opener for even the aficionados!

Is Customer Experience Worth the Investment? (4-5min)
CX stalwart Jeannie Walters discusses customer experience ROI. A great reminder of the value of CX and the perils of a lack of investment. Taking a whole-of-organisation perspective, Walters steps the reader through the process of what is required to deliver a program of change, In her view, “There is no part of the organization that is not impacted positively by a proactive, positive customer experience.”

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