Customer Experience News 215: Language of Leaders, 10 CX Metrics Reviewed and Using Customer Storytelling

Language of Leaders (2-3min)
The saying ‘change your language and you change your thoughts’ demonstrates the message in this HBR article. We couldn’t agree more! As leaders, if your daily communications frame customers as only numbers; financial goals, CX scores, call centre time-caps etc., then it’s likely that the prevailing employee behaviours will be transactional rather than customer-centric. “When a leader spends the majority of their airtime on a ‘make the numbers’ narrative, it creates a transactional relationship with their employees, making them more likely to create transactional relationships with their teammates and customers.” A must read for the customer obsessed.

10 CX Metrics Reviewed (2-3min)
In this post for CX Buzz, 25 customer experience pro’s give their opinions on which CX metrics are most important in their organisation. Discussed are the ‘table stakes’ CX metrics; CSat, NPS and effort scores, as well as customer lifetime value and customer health. Our favourite from Bill Staikos, Head of Customer Experience Freddie Mac, “…understand the drivers behind the anchor metric, the journey metrics that lead up to those drivers, and the metrics that give you insight into customer expectations in those journey stages and activities.”

Using Customer Storytelling (2-3min)
If you’ve read Alex’s latest book, ‘Customer Empathy’ you’ll know she’s a big fan of using customer stories to engage and influence employees to put customer needs at the centre of their thinking and decision making. Whilst we know the power of storytelling, most of us still miss the mark in telling our  customers’ stories. This article discusses how to use customer storytelling for employee alignment, “Customer (not brand) story telling – is shining the light on the customer – in the organisation through powerful and carefully constructed (but deeply insightful) narratives.”

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