Customer Experience News 216: B2C vs B2B Journey Mapping, Reframing Customer-Centric Growth & Delivering CX that Satisfies

B2C vs B2B Journey Mapping (3min)
In talking with CX folk from around the world Alex is asked all sorts of CX questions which we thought might be of interest to Quickbite readers. This week Alex answers the question, ‘What’s the difference between mapping a B2C customer journey and a B2B client journey?’ In her response, Alex identifies three similarities and three differences and explains why journey maps are such a powerful framework.

Reframing Customer-Centric Growth (3min)
What is the value of your customers versus the value you provide to customers? Organisations striving for customer centricity need to connect customer and culture, and they need to have a measure of success from the viewpoint of their customers. This article explores “a new model of value exchange that companies can operationalize to ensure that reciprocity drives growth.” A great read for advanced CX folk.

Why Delivering CX that Satisfies is Difficult (2min)
Latest research from brand agency Havas points to efficiency and emotion as the drivers of good CX. A robust online study of 28,000 shows a divide in bricks v clicks consumer expectations, with emotional needs ranking higher for physical experiences and functionality for digital experiences – “with functionality very much a given, the emotional can represent a clear differentiating factor.”

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