Customer Experience News 217: Scaling Customer Listening, The CCO – Why This Role is Needed, Telstra’s T22 Transformation

Scaling Customer Listening Across Twilio (3min)
In this article for Inc. founder of Twilio explains how he scaled customer listening across the business and why one-to-one communication with customers is changing his company for the better. We are loving the physical customer empathy nudges! Great case study on customer-centric culture change.

CCO, Why This Role is Needed Now  (3min)
Our customers’ world and the way we work has changed. Enter 2021 and growth and revenue recovery are firmly on the agenda. “However, nearly six in ten Australian businesses are missing a critical leader to steer this recovery.” This article walks readers through why the Chief Customer Officer role is needed now more than ever; shifts in consumer behaviour, customer-centric alignment and growth strategy.

Lessons from Telstra’s T22 Transformation (4min)
Telstra’s program of change is ambitious to say the least. In this article, CMO Editor Nadia Cameron talks to Telstra executives and product leaders on managing the T22 transformation, the impacts on customer experience and their 10 learnings. There are a few real gems such as, “Our real competition isn’t so much what competitors are doing, but about what is happening more broadly in society – food, travel experiences.”

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