Customer Experience News 219: Journey Mapping Research Methods, CX Priming, Foxtel’s Transformation and New CX Courses Online

Journey Mapping – Which Research Method? (3min)
When customer data isn’t used in mapping the customer journey, then the mapping process is assumptive; that is, based on the business’s point of view of the experience. In this article, Alex explores 5 Qualitative Research methods that bring a customer-centric approach to mapping your customer’s journey.

Are You Using CX Priming? (3min)
Priming is an occurrence where a stimulus influences a response without a conscious prompt. In this article for MyCustomer, Colin Shaw discusses Priming customer memories. “When managing your customer experiences, think about whether you can steer customers in the right direction by pulling up some of these more positive associations in their memory’s…” An interesting read on CX and cognitive psychology.

Foxtel’s Ambitious Transformation  (3min)
Media streaming provider Foxtel, is overhauling its service delivery in line with shifting customer expectations. CMO outlines Foxtel’s eighteen-month transformation plan using Jobs Theory to understand changing customer needs post-2020; the problems customers now need to solve, applying Agile methods in the redesign and the use of digital tech to deliver service experiences.

In the News – New CX Courses Online  (1min)
Alex Allwood’s CX Courses Online announces the global launch of a new Advanced Customer Journey Mapping online course.

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