Customer Experience News 220: Transformation Failure, The Good, Bad & Ugly of Amazon and CX: What’s Holding Marketers Back?

Transformation Failure: Identifying the Causes (4-5min)
The rate of transformation failure rate sits at around 70%. This HBR article examines the major causes of organisational change failure, recommends how to overcome transformation paralysis and offers this sage advice, “The one obstacle you can best prevent from derailing transformation is yourself.” An excellent read for CX leaders.

Amazon: the Good, the Bad & the Ugly (5min)
Author Mark O’Connell has a love/hate relationship with Amazon. In this opinion piece for The Guardian, he investigates (former) Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos and Amazon’s meteoric growth; securing “almost 40% of all online purchases in the US” on the back of logistical innovations that have made customer experiences frictionless and changed the nature of consumerism. An interesting read that highlights the good, bad and ugly side of Bezos’s drive for global dominance.

CX: What’s Holding Marketers Back? (1min)
CX is on the minds of marketers but something is holding them back. This article published in The Drum discusses Forrester’s latest study showing a lack of CX skills, the inability to break down silos, a struggle to define success metrics and a customer intelligence deficit are hampering efforts to develop successful  CX strategy. To download the study, fill in the form at the end of the article. 

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