Customer Experience News 221: Customer Data: Mining for Gold, CX in 7 Steps and Closing the Empathy Gap 

Customer Data: Mining for Gold (3-4min)
In this article for HBR, three AI heavyweights outline the primary problem in measuring CX. They propose a solution using unstructured data and applied, linguistics-based natural language processing (NLP). A good read for CX Folk interested in better understanding customer data and how customers think and feel in real-time. 

CX: Prioritisation to Implementation in 7 Steps (2-3min)
With business planning and transformation cycles dramatically reduced, resulting in reversed CX initiatives and mid-year re-planning, this article in My Customer outlines the 7 step solution of agile CX management. NOTE: Step 6 prescribes assumptive CX mapping which Alex does not endorse.

Closing the Empathy Gap (2-3min)
Knowing and understanding customer needs and experiences is one half of customer empathy, the other half is using the customer’s perspective. With most businesses still playing digital catch-up as consumers shift their purchasing and usage behaviours post-2020, this article discusses the merits of closing the CX gap through developing empathetic practices.

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