Customer Experience News 222: Post-Pandemic Customer Journeys, Making the CX Business Case and Human-Centred Design

Designing Post-Pandemic Customer Journeys (3min)
This HBR article discusses the critical factors that define post-pandemic (post-2020) customer journeys and determine whether your organisation’s performance will be grounded or grow in the post-pandemic economy. The recommendations are: “Firstly, be customer-centric, not company-centric. Second, create flexible journeys based on need points, not touchpoints. Third, measure (and optimize) customer journeys and experiences. A good lunchtime read.

Making the CX Business Case (3min)
MyCustomer’s editor, Neil Davey, talks to a panel of customer experience professionals who share their tried and tested approaches to developing a business case for their CX programs. And this sage advice, “Do not sit in your CX bunker expecting everyone to come to you.” certainly rings true. Some good takeaways here.

Putting ‘Human’ in Design (2min)
This article from Forbes explores three ways organisations are combining empathy and behavioural economics. Discussing behaviour change, the author considers cognitive bias and social norms that enforce current state customer behaviour and looks at the way brands are incorporating empathy-driven design to solve customer pains. A quick read over lunch.

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