Customer Experience News 226: Atlassian Pivots on Performance Reviews, Communicating Price Hikes to Customers and Unravelling the Complexity of Customer Innovation

Atlassian Pivots on Performance Reviews (2min)
We’re loving this! Atlassian is implementing a new system designed to better evaluate employee performance. The new strategy focuses on how well employees are living organisational values rather than their technical skills with the aim of encouraging employees to concentrate more on “the way they do their work.”

How to Communicate Price Hikes to Customers (3min)
A great article from HBR this week on communicating price increases to customers. The author makes the point, that many businesses raise prices without ever telling customers. This can lead to increased complaints, social media outrage and customers shifting their spending elsewhere. Read why crafting a value narrative for price increase builds and extends a brand’s customer focus efforts.

Unravelling the Complexity of Customer Innovation (2min)
As many of you know, Alex is a big fan of Clayton Christensen’s Jobs to Be Done Theory. In this article for Forbes, the author revisits Anthony Ulwick’s 2016 Jobs to be Done: Theory to Practice. Ulwick’s book offers a needs framework to help resolve the complexity of understanding customer needs. We both agree, innovating without customer needs data ‘is like flying blind.’

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