Customer Experience News 231: Connecting through Customer Stories, Breaking News and Dovetail Soars

All Customer Stories Great & Small (2min)
Customer ethnography is a game-changer in CX management. The method enables a lens into candid customer experiences to design solutions that solve customer problems. This article shares the power of ethnographic research and the untapped potential of customer stories. Using a Lego case study, the author describes how the brand used ethnography to empower the brand’s vision and connect with its customers.

Breaking: Customer Cards for Covid Check-in (1min)
Service NSW has announced the launch of customer cards to improve check-in at retail stores. People will be able to download and print a Service NSW check-in card or have a plastic card mailed to them. The customer cards can be scanned at stores as an alternative to mobile phone and paper sign-ins.

Soaring to Greater Heights (2min)
Australian startup Dovetail is being hailed as the next big success story after securing $5 million in fresh funding. Founders, Benjamin Humphrey and Brad Ayers met when working at Atlassian and saw the opportunity to help businesses make sense of and store customer conversations for collaboration. Dovetail is currently used by Porsche, Canva, Harvard University, IBM and Square. “Every company needs to talk to its customers to figure out what to build and what problems its customers have with its products.”

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