Customer Experience News 235: CX Leader Shares Lessons Learned, Fostering Trust & Giving Hope and Creative Thinking for Curious People

CX Leader Shares 4 BIG Lessons Learned (3min)
The average tenure for a CX leader is between 12 and 24 months. Nancy Porte spent eight years in a global CX leadership role. In this article for CustomerThink, she unpacks the four lessons that she would give her younger self. A valuable read for emerging leaders and CX stalwarts.

Fostering Trust and Giving Customers Hope (4min)
Sarah Franklin was appointed president and CMO of Salesforce earlier this year. In this interview with Nada Cameron, she discusses fostering trust with customers in a Covid-normal world. “We have had to invent technology to help us do things this way. But every time, we embrace that. That’s because we want to earn and build trust with our customers and communities.”

Creative Thinking for Curious People (1-2min)
This new book looks good! Authored by Stanford Executive Director Sarah Stein Greenberg, ‘Creative Acts for Curious People’, is written to improve creative problem solving. As Greenberg says, “Design is a way that we can prepare ourselves to be able to navigate ambiguity and tackle the kinds of challenges that we don’t even have names for right now.”

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