Customer Experience News 72: Forrester CX Index, Tom Kelly on Innovation, Amazon Reviews and Journey Mapping Workshops

Forrester Points to Emotion Before Execution (3-4min)
According to CX expert Jeanne Bliss, the key takeaway from Forrester’s recently released US 2017 Customer Experience Index, is successful CX brands focus on forging an emotional connections with customers before they focus on execution.

Design Thinking Made Easy (60min)
You’ll need to allocate some time to view this interview but it will be time well spent. Tom Kelly, partner at IDEO, author and Design Thinking evangelist ‘explains the true definition of innovation’. One for the non-designers.

Amazons Latest Innovation (3-4min)
Amazon has recently launched a new ‘Themes’ feature on its mobile app which allows customers to filter customer reviews by keyword. It’s all part of Amazon’s push to make their review system more useful and engaging for customers.

Learn by Doing: Journey Mapping Workshop (1-2min)
If you ‘learn faster by doing’ then my 1-day, intensive journey mapping workshops will help you: understand how to undertake customer interviews and synthesize insights, empathy map to create personas and map an end-to-end customer journey to improve the design and delivery of brand touchpoints, products and services. Find out more and reserve your seat here.

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