Customer Experience News 76: Sydney Workshop Wrap, Customer-Centric Leaders & AI

Journey Mapping Workshop – WOW! (2min)
Our first Customer Journey Mapping Workshop in Sydney this week was a great success.

Everyone approached the day with enthusiasm – giving 100% energy, exploring new learning with curiosity and an open-mind and getting comfortable with ambiguity.

Best In Class Customer-Centric Companies (3-4min)
The key to customer-centricity is placing your customers at the heart of everything you do, across every area of your business. This article profiles three of the world’s most customer-centric companies and shares the lessons they’ve learned.

Experience First, Sales Second (2min)
In the Experience Economy businesses need to be obsessing about customer value ahead of sales quotas. According to CX expert Jeanne Bliss, understanding the customer journey and building experiences around each stage of that journey is critical to future business success.

AI’s False Promise? (3-4min)
A thought provoking piece from ABC news about the limitations of artificial intelligence in addressing and solving customer problems. Daniel Polani, professor of AI at the University of Hertfordshire, believes contextual understanding, empathy and discretionary decision making are the critical factors that undermine the effectiveness of chatbots.

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