Customer Experience News 79: Customer First, Cultural Change & CX Reality Check

Why Customer Experience Belongs to the Customer (2-3min)
A timely reminder from experience design expert Brian Solis about the true meaning of Customer Experience, and how organisations that talk about the importance of CX often fail to understand their customers’ behaviours, expectations, preferences and the experiences they find rewarding.

Movement Making and Cultural Change (4-5min)
A case study from Harvard Business Review on how global pharmaceutical company Dr Reddy’s created a ‘movement’ and evolved their company culture through understanding the needs of their internal customers – from shop floor workers to scientists, executives, external partners and investors.

Customer Experience Reality Check (2-3min)
Whilst the practice of Customer Experience across the world continues to evolve and grow in a professional sense, this article by Ian Golding argues that many organisations are still shareholder or stakeholder-centric, placing the needs of shareholders ahead of the needs of their customers and employees.

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