Customer Experience News 80: Village Cinemas, The Art of Conversation, Design Thinking & Nando’s

Village Secrets of CX Success (3min)
Village Cinemas has grown its NPS by nearly 11% in the past 12 months. Mohit Bhargava, Village Entertainment GM of sales and marketing, attributes the result to effective cross-functional alignment behind the company’s new customer experience framework and voice of customer (VOC) program.

Empathy = Efficiency (2min)
Who would’ve thought that using a mobile phone to have an actual conversation, as opposed to sending a text or email, could be so effective, efficient and productive? The author of this Fast Company article decided to test the collaborative powers of conversation and this is what he found.

Design Thinking Directions (3-4min)
From the Stanford Social Innovation Review an analysis of how Design Thinking is evolving in 2017. Using examples of leading social innovators in the US, the author demonstrates a shift in design thinking away from theory and into ‘application, ownership and impact’.

In the News – Nando’s Nailed (2min)
If you haven’t seen the Nando’s video this week you may not want to before you eat lunch. Yet another demonstration of how social media amplifies poor customer experience to the extent it makes news headlines on the ABC.

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