Customer Experience News 81: Netflix, Zappos, Virtual Reality and Loyalty

Netflix a Customer-Centric Champion (2-3min)
In contrast to the usual heavy handed policing of copyright and intellectual property in the video-on-demand space, Netflix demonstrates true customer-centricity in this ‘cease and desist’ legal letter sent to fans of the show Stranger Things.

Zappos Taps the Power of Storytelling (2-3min)
An inspirational story from Customer Think about Zappos, one of the world’s leading customer-centric companies. Profiles just one of the amazing ways Zappos earns customer loyalty and builds a customer service culture – through storytelling.

Virtual Reality Creates Empathy (2min)
To help create create customer empathy, construction company Paynter Dixon is ‘virtually’ walking in its customers’ shoes; having staff undertake a Virtual Dementia Tour to better understand how design and construction decisions affect residents of the aged care facilities the company builds.

In the News – Banking Leopards Change Spots? (2min)
It might be driven by a softening housing market, non-bank payment apps or the endless scandals, but the big banks are finally addressing customer concerns with actions not words.

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