Customer Experience News 83: Amazon, People-Centricity, CX Leadership & Solving Silos

Amazon Update (3min)
A Special Report from The Economist on how Amazon, the “Earth’s most customer-centric company” became what it is today – and how it plans to evolve into the future by enmeshing itself even further into its customers’ lives.

A Winning Culture (3min)
An interview in Chief Executive with former CEO of Accenture, Mike Salvino, on the science behind employee engagement and how focusing on an employee and customer based, ‘people-centric’ strategy delivered sustainable, long term growth.

Top 10 Skills for Customer-Centric Leaders (5-6min)
From Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, to CX expert Bruce Temkin; insights from ten of the world’s top CX practitioners and how these translate into the key skills every customer-centric leader should master.

How Customer Journey Mapping Helps Solve Silos (4min)
Customer journey mapping is an essential tool for identifying process gaps across the end-to-end customer journey. This article in Business 2 Community outlines the four steps CX Managers can take to prevent the process silos that contribute to customer gaps and pain points.

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