Customer Experience News 84: #GrowthHack, Co-Design and CX vs Brand

#GrowthHack Are You CX Ready? (4min)
This week’s Customer-Centric #GrowthHack asks, is your business customer experience ready for Amazon’s arrival? Alex discusses market disruption and the source of future competitive advantage.

Using Co-Design to Conquer CX Challenges (3-4min)
A forward thinking piece from Information Age on how co-design transforms digital customer experience design. The article features three key benefits of co-design with tips on how to overcome some common challenges in the process.

When Customer Experience is the Brand (3min)
In this article for The Drum, service designer Joe Heapy, argues that the world’s most successful companies have built their brands around what they actually do for their customers; prioritising service and experience delivery ahead of brand expression.

New Retail Experiences Changing the Way We Shop (3min)
A quick round up of the latest trends in retail experience design and how the shopping experience may look in the not too distant future.

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