Customer Experience News 89: CBRE, Culture Killers, Linking Customer & Purpose

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Partnering the Key at CBRE (3min)
Interviewed for CMO, Shelley McDowell, director of customer experience at property company CBRE, shares her insights on the importance of working with their customers to identify and remediate the pain points in their journey.

Is Customer Culture Killing Your Business? (2min)
Customer experience expert Micah Solomon compares the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of customer culture, suggesting that the customer culture you already have may be negatively impacting your business.

Purpose Powered CX (3min)
This article from Customer Think argues that brand purpose is a powerful multiplier in the creation of exceptional customer and employee experience.

Amazon Converts Customer-Centricity into Brand Value (2min)
Avowedly the ‘world’s most customer-centric company’ has just become the world’s most valuable brand. According to the latest Brand Finance Global 500 Report, Amazon has leapt ahead of Google in the brand value stakes by tens of billions of dollars.

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