Customer Experience News 152: Organisational Purpose, CMO to CXO, Augmented Reality and Healthcare CX

For GOODNESS Sake (1-2min)
In this week’s Insight, Alex Allwood argues that to avoid merely delivering a ‘brighter shade of lipstick on the pig’, transformative organisations must successfully bridge the ‘Purpose Gap’ – building purpose into their culture to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve.
Scenic World CXO on ‘Being Your Brand’ (1min)
Amanda Byrne, Chief Experience Officer for iconic tourism operator Scenic World, shares the story of her transition from CMO to CXO and the rare opportunity this has given her to engineer the visitor experience from beginning to end – how the experience is both promoted and delivered.  
Augmented Reality & Next-Level CX (1min)
Augmented Reality (AR) has evolved from futuristic gaming technology to the next big thing in experience innovation. This article explores some of the ways augmented reality is being applied to help solve customer problems and enhance customer experience. 
Adapting Healthcare CX to an Aging Population (2-3min)
With problems in aged healthcare being exposed by the Royal Commission currently underway in Australia, this timely article in Forbes looks at how healthcare leaders in the US are approaching the issue of caring for an aging population from a customer experience perspective.

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