Customer Experience News 192: 5 Fixes for Broken Market Research, Flybuys Behavioural Segmentation & CX Strategies for Re-engagement

5 Fixes for ‘Broken’ Market Research Model (5min)
New data shows less than one third of clients commissioning market research are satisfied with the recommended business actions. This article shares some useful techniques for shaping customer-centric research and a detailed roadmap that will help to deliver actionable insights.

Behavioural Segmentation Drives Engagement (4min)
In this CMO interview, flybuys CCO Rosemary Martin explains how the company has moved beyond using transactional and demographic data to improve customer engagement. Building out program-level segmentation and distinct member personas, the company incorporated behavioural and attitudinal information to understand what their customers were thinking and feeling when they interacted with the brand.

CX Strategies for Re-Engaging Customers (4-5min)
An in-depth article from Harvard Business School that considers the implications of consumers’ new-world behaviours and argues that B2B2C companies must become more customer-centric by “researching and understanding their customers’ new problems … and attempt to structure their offerings to meet these new unmet wants needs.”

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